Nathanael (Writer/Creator) of The Vagabond is a proud supporter of BEARDSON

BEARDSON is an Australian community based, not-for-profit, environmental organisation that promotes conservation awareness. WE ARE A FUNDRAISER! Our aim is to preserve existing habitats and maintain healthy and sustainable ecosystems, this is achieved with funds raised distributed to nominated organisations, community groups and schools. We intend to achieve these goals through increased education, encouraging more direct community participation and by promoting campaigns that call for the protection of wilderness areas and local community areas.


Nathanael Hopkins-Smith (Writer) & Luisa Russo (Artist) Submitted a short story for Tango with Orangos

TANGO WITH ORANGOS a comic with a cause through comic art Neville Howard & Alana Bruyn of Melbourne comics are raising funds and creating awareness of the plight of Orangutans on the brink of extinction, due to deforestation.