Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Gallery this Thursday & My first Comic Podcast

Keep this Thursday Free for Great Art, Music & Drinks : Featuring Art from Sydney Based Graffiti & Street Art Crew The Insomniaks & featuring Art From The Vagabond Comic by IM Crew member Daks.

There will be some Vagabond Merchandise if you want to purchase the Comic/Prints for those that haven't yet.

Last Thursday Comics over comics featured me on their podcast  talking about The Vagabond, here is the link below, have a listen!

Episode 3: Bond... Vagabond... has nothing to do with 007 

Recorded at Superhero Comics Newtown.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Issue 1 Released, Adelaide Supanova & The Vagabond in shops

Our Indiegogo campaign finished on Friday the 1st of November & we raised $967.

I would like to personally thank everyone who helped contribute to the campaign, it means so much that people had faith in our comic not just in Australia but from around the world like the United States, Mexico, Singapore & Europe. 

(also worth mentioning a heart warming plug from a Great Canadian comic website)

People I'd like to Thank & List of Contributors:

Peter Rothe, David Rosenberg, Dan Tribe, Jesse Ballman, Samantha Cummins, Roberto Herrera, Chanel Case, Steve Turnell, Sparky Somosi, Darren Close, Marcus, Andrew Jackson, Pia Young, Monique Brooks, Susan Nunez, Alia Resurreccion, Michaela Carter, Sarah Eddowes, Marc Khoury, Andrian Kotik, Damien Smith, Luke Asprey, Michael Curcuruto, Tim Stackpool, Mark Fried, Victoria Finlay, Cristian Lopez-Perez, Lilianna Mayford, Kieran Bragg, Nazneen Reehman & Belinda Cahill

Your contributions have helped fund future issues of The Vagabond & for this I thank you !

The Vagabond has been Printed & you can purchase a copy from selected stores in Australia by checking out http://www.thevagabondcomic.com/p/where-to-purchase.html 

The online store will be available very soon.

I just got back from traveling to Adelaide for Supanova which was alot of fun, we sold 26 copies over the weekend which allowed us to meet & make some new fans, Adelaide is a beautiful city and were very supportive about local produce and Australian made products both comic shops Adelaide Comics Centre & Pulp Fiction Comics are stocking The Vagabond which is great news, considering only 1 Comic shop in Sydney is currently stocking our book (Super Hero Comics Newtown), but that will change very soon.

After Adelaide we made a short stop to Melbourne on our way back to Sydney were we dropped off some books to Minotaur.

All in all it was great to get the book out there and interact with people at Supanova I also meet some other great Aussie Comic Writers & Artists.

Issue #2 is very close to finish & looks like it will have a early February release.

Stay Tuned !

Day 1

Day 2
Day 2 continued

Thursday, 17 October 2013


15 days left

I never felt the need to post the Indiegogo Campaign on the website as its been advertised on the right side of the screen for the last 2 months but the time has come where I should probably post an update on how we are going.

15 days left & we have raised $907

We have had purchases from Countries outside of Australia & a Great plug from a Canadian website

I especially enjoy this part :

Heroism and selflessness are intertwined, and while The Vagabond is positioned as a vigilante story, the protagonist’s travels feature a very human element within it. In this particular story we have a man who is struggling to survive, living on the streets and is blind in one eye. Despite his trials, he does what he can to make his life and the lives of those within the community better. I feel this is an endearing and warming story about a man with nothing, willing to give everything to make his world a better place one piece at a time. This is a very worthwhile project - Andrew Ardizzi 

After Sam has completed the first issue of The Vagabond he will continue his journey into game design. (we wish him all the best)

Here is a sneak peak of the cover of Issue 2 of The Vagabond by Randy Bishop

It truly is an amazing age when you can collaborate with people from around the world both Artists for Issue 2 are from overseas Randy Bishop is from the United States & Luisa Russo is from Italy.

Another Sneak peak of Issue 2 by our new Artist Luisa Russo.

With the short days coming If i could ask one favor of everyone who has already contributed or is thinking of contributing to please post a link to the campaign on their Facebook, Website or Pass along to anyone they might think would be interested in the comic this will really be a big boost for the last days of the campaign.

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Graphic 2013 - Sydney Opera House

Graphic 2013 is looking like its going to be a great Event.

Grant MorrisonThe visionary creator behind The Invisibles, Batman: Arkham Asylum, New X-Men, All-Star Superman and the upcoming DC project Multiversity, Grant Morrison, joins forces with the Eisner-winning creator of The Umbrella Academy

Len WeinThe co-creator of iconic characters such as Wolverine and Swamp Thing, Len is celebrated for reviving The X-Men universe with mutant favourites including Nightcrawler, Storm, Colossus and Thunderbird. Writing for a breathtaking list of long-running titles such as The Hulk, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Thor, Green Lantern, Justice League of America and Superman... Len has also edited hundreds of comic books over the years, most notably Alan Moore & Dave Gibbon's game-changing masterpiece, Watchmen. 

Robot Chicken LiveSeth Green, Matt Senreich and the gang bring their multiple Emmy Award-winning favourite to life in all its whimsical, stop-motion glory!

& Much much more, this is an event that should not be missed.


Sunday, 5 May 2013

Free Comic Book Day Adventures

We started the day pretty late and didn't get to the City 'till about 2pm. We made our way to Kinokuniya and The 1st thing you notice about the store was the awesome Artist Alley stalls. After having a look around & chatting with some fellow Aussie Writers & Artists, I had a Chat with Chris Yee, who was doing free sketches and because I like to whore out my comic book as much as possible, I asked if he would do a Vagabond sketch, which he did & it was a very cool interpretation.

For more Info on Chris Yee Check out http://yeetheeast.com/ 

Moving on, I caught up with Fellow writer Sorab Del Rio who I met at a Convention a few years back where he gave me a Copy of his take on Zorro , which is really worth a read, it has Zorro fighting Samurais, Using a Katana Sword & Taking down Zombies... Obviously the writer is a fan of Zombies because he has another book out called Zombie Cities, which consists of different perspectives of Zombie situations from around the world.  You can check him out at http://www.silverfoxcomics.com.au/ or hit up a donation towards Zombie Cities Volume 2: Zombie Cities: Violence Vs Compassion on Pozible.

A Notable mention goes to Gee Hale who funnily enough went to my high school, he's always been pumping out great art & has now decided to write as well as illustrate, the comic is called Grit & is already up to its 2nd Issue. You can Check out more of his art at http://www.geehale.com/ & pick up an issue or 2 of Grit at Supnova later in the year.

  Another great Aussie Artist Jon Sommariva 
(who I would love to work with but cant afford to)

 Marcelo Baez http://www.littlehammer.com

To those artists who had stands that I missed, I'm sorry! I either didn't have time to have a chat with you or it was just too busy (it was pretty packed in the artist alley!)

Please keep an eye out for these type of events & support Australian Artists.

All photos except for Sketch are from the Kinokuniyas Facebok page

Sunday, 7 April 2013

We Can Be Heroes - Join Batman in the Fight Against Hunger

For as little as $30 you can have a yearly subscription to Batman/Detective comics or Justice league & not only will you  be getting some great reading material you will be supporting a charity aswell.

I will be advertising this for the next 40 days you can click on the add on the right or the link below for more details.

Support Charity
Support Comics