Wednesday 13 April 2011

Melbourne Supanova

We arrived in Melbourne late Thursday evening & didnt get to the hotel till about 1AM so we didnt get much done till the following morning where I walked around the city finding comic book stores that were interested in stocking our comic book.

Along the way we checked out the sites & prostituted our flier at the same time :


Melbourne Supanova was our 1st sneak peak of "The Vagabond" to people outside our friends & family, we had great feedback & gave away lots of fliers we also had a large poster of the 1st issue and managed to get a few of the cosplay guys to do some Promo pictures for us.

 Super-Heroes :


DARTH VADER wouldnt pose for a photo with our poster so we did one anyway just to spite him

Miscellaneous :

 Unfortunatly Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) Couldnt make it but the DeLorean was there
Hey whats that on the windshield ?

Over all we had a great run at Melbourne Supnova & had alot of fun previewing "The Vagabond" we also got some great support from new fans & from All Star Comics not only will they be stocking our comic book in the coming months they let us put a bunch of fliers in there Supnova stall which was a great help also. 

We visisted there comic shop on sunday morning and  it has a great selection of Comics, Graphic Novels & Merchandise really worth taking a look :