Thursday 17 October 2013


15 days left

I never felt the need to post the Indiegogo Campaign on the website as its been advertised on the right side of the screen for the last 2 months but the time has come where I should probably post an update on how we are going.

15 days left & we have raised $907

We have had purchases from Countries outside of Australia & a Great plug from a Canadian website

I especially enjoy this part :

Heroism and selflessness are intertwined, and while The Vagabond is positioned as a vigilante story, the protagonist’s travels feature a very human element within it. In this particular story we have a man who is struggling to survive, living on the streets and is blind in one eye. Despite his trials, he does what he can to make his life and the lives of those within the community better. I feel this is an endearing and warming story about a man with nothing, willing to give everything to make his world a better place one piece at a time. This is a very worthwhile project - Andrew Ardizzi 

After Sam has completed the first issue of The Vagabond he will continue his journey into game design. (we wish him all the best)

Here is a sneak peak of the cover of Issue 2 of The Vagabond by Randy Bishop

It truly is an amazing age when you can collaborate with people from around the world both Artists for Issue 2 are from overseas Randy Bishop is from the United States & Luisa Russo is from Italy.

Another Sneak peak of Issue 2 by our new Artist Luisa Russo.

With the short days coming If i could ask one favor of everyone who has already contributed or is thinking of contributing to please post a link to the campaign on their Facebook, Website or Pass along to anyone they might think would be interested in the comic this will really be a big boost for the last days of the campaign.